Friday, 29 April 2011

An extra proof

I forgot I had another proof of how awesome Dad really is.
Mum and Dad went to Morocco and Spain in March. Mum says Dad went into an old medina in Fez while she was resting and a few hours later he came back with these three 'skeins' of cactus silk for me.

I rest my case!

Oh, and just to be fair - Mum is really good at buying gifts from afar too, but she is a knitter and that gives her certain advantages. That said she has gotten me some really interesting sock yarn from around the globe and also brought me home great crochet cotton from Spain this time, so Mum is quite awesome too!

My Dad is the coolest guy

My Dad has done it again. Do you remember that he brought me home yarn from Iceland? Or that he got me great fabric from Ghana? Both times I had told him it was things I would love should he happen to fall over them.

Since then he has really developed an eye for presents. From his last few election observation trips he has brought home yarn. Nothing fancy, but usually some cotton he happened to recognize in baskets on his endless walks. I even have a few acrylics in my stash now, but I don't mind - they are soft and they were given with a lot of love.

This Easter my Dad returned from the elections in Nigeria and I didn't expect him to bring anything. Safety precautions meant he couldn't go anywhere on his own and had to bring his security guards along with his interpreter and chauffeur. And yet my Dad brought me home the most perfect gift.

He had actually asked them all to go along to the local marked and he says it was one of the best days they had. All these men had helped him choose the right seller and the best fabric and get a good price. He says he gets the best travel moments out of these 'buying-presents-for-my-daughter'-sessions where ever he goes. I say he is a pretty awesome guy and the best dad ever.

One a side note - Easter was great, but very, very busy. We spend time in Bigfoot's family's summerhouse, took a busy trip visiting many good friends in Copenhagen and finally some relaxing at my parents place welcoming home Dad. I didn't take any photos, nor did much knitting happen, but I did finish a little something else and just need a photo to make it blog ready.

Monday, 18 April 2011


I am back. Like in for real - I hope... I've finished my university degree and is now a real life master of science. I haven't got a job yet, though. But I'm pretty confident I will find something soon. For now I'm enjoying that my tabletop can look like this - on a weekday at lunchtime.

Right now everything feels really crafty and full of opportunities and I really want to get back to blogging. Often. With projects to show and ideas in the pipeline. For now I'll get back to some brainstorming and my tea.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quite winter

Soooo.... I never really returned after being knocked to the ground by sickness. But so much happened. I've handed in my thesis and after working on it forever that's a pretty huge thing. Then I packed my bags, got on a plane (and another and another and...) and flew to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with Mr Bigfoot, and I've been here for a week now doing absolutely nothing - not even knitting.

Tomorrow we are heading for New York for New Years and I've been promised yarn shops and endless afternoons drinking tea and hot chocolate while knitting.  I'll manage...
I did knit on the planes, though - a simple, garter scarf in black sock yarn. It was almost 3 meters long when I fell asleep in Detroit. I'll bring it tomorrow on the bus and hopefully soon have more to keep me warm in New York's winter wonder land.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Knocked out

I'm knocked out and in bed with the flu. Christmas calender post will return when I'm able to get out of bed again. Soon, hopefully...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Unfinished business

As promised today will start my week of WIPs. I am a bit ashamed of how many things I've got going right now, but I blame it on the thesis and living in a suitcase. My dear friend, who worries to much about things, has made a deal with herself - you can only have one real big worry at any time. You have to chose and leave the rest behind, otherwise it will weigh you down. So, I won't worry about all these projects - I'll be happy when they are done and I have an almost new wardrobe.
I like knitting socks, but I like some socks more than others. Right now I have three pairs on the needles.

The purples are my SKA November Mystery - the pattern is Twisted Mockery by Lisa Stichweh. This is another pair of mystery socks that I really like and will definitely finish, but they had to give way for Christmas knitting. I hope to bring them on the plane going to the states later this month.

The middle sock is a lonely single of a pair of Kai-Meis by Cookie A. They are for my worrying friend and I had hoped to finish them for Christmas, but that's just not going to happen. I love the pattern as much as any Cookie A pattern, but I hate the yarn. It too bad I have chosen crap yarn every time I make this pattern. I have another pair for my friend and these will become a Spring surprise for her instead.

The grey sock was meant to be a pair of Chains for my Grandad. They are also not going to be ready for Christmas - I liked the look of the leg, but the heel/foot part is just not right. I have knitted on after this photo was taken, ripped, knit again and now I'm unsure if these will end up being frogged all together.

I do actually have another pair on the needles. But these have been in a bag on the bottom of my huge knitting basket for way over a year now, so I had completely forgotten about them.
The Snicket Socks by Sabine Riefler were in my queue way before I was knitting socks with patterns. And the yarn was bought with the pattern in mind. But my own pair of Snickets are sadly still not finished. I don't know what happened, I just kept making mistakes all the time and fighting my way through. And then I lost interest in knitting them, but not enough to frog completely, 'cause I still really want a pair for me. This will have to become a goal for 2011 to be sure I can wear Snickets someday.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Socktober mysteries

October is Socktober month even if I didn't do much sock wise this year. I did finish a few Christmas presents, though, and then I participated in Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Sock KAL just like last year.

I had an idea of these becoming a Christmas present for a girl who would love just this green and since the socks were knit top down, I gave it a few weeks before deciding which size I would make. I didn't care much for the pattern after having completed the first two clues and was close to ripping, but at the same time I really wanted a pair at least as a present.
When I had reached the point of decision about size and when to start the toe, I tried them on and found that I really liked the socks. Really really liked them. Though they were already a bit big for me I hastily knit the toe and the same night I had a new pair of socks. They almost felt like a present since I only used an hour knitting them for myself - the rest of the time was present knitting time, so it doesn't count.
Luck would that after a trip to the washer, they shrunk a bit and now they are perfect for me. Yay, for small feet. And don't feel sorry for the intended recipient either - I have already made her something else for Christmas.

This completes my week of FOs for myself - tomorrow I'll start a week of WIPs and then we're all set for them presents.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Pretty stockings

A Friday afternoon I accidently found myself inside one of my favourite yarn shops on the way to the train and a long weekend at my parents place. I swear I didn't even know they had a great sale on. At least, I swear I only bought 4 skeins of sock yarn - I couldn't help it, it's some of my favourite sock yarn and it was such a good offer.
I wanted something pretty and dressy, but yet wearable, so I found my Nancy Bush books and began drooling. (That's something which seems to happen more or less every time I find these books - I really want to make every pair she has made.) I especially like my Knitting Vintage Socks and chose the pattern for the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady.

The first stocking was easily completed during the weekend, the second was left in a bag for a while because I had made mistake at the heel and couldn't be bothered to unpick it. I brought it with me for a day sailing and not having anything else to knit on made me finish it in record time. The finished pair are soft and pretty and just what I wanted.
By the way - a way to really start drooling over the stockings from Knitting Vintage Patterns is to have a look at mustaavillaa's Ravelry page. She's knitting a pair of every pattern in the book and they are all gorgeous. She has a sense of colour and photography which I find stunning.